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10  Ways of looking at Margaret McMullan and Where the Angels Lived

With apologies to Wallace Stevens

  1.  Margaret McMullan is delightful to talk to.
  2.  Her story about her visit to Yad Vashem will give you goosebumps.
  3. When she reads portions of her book, her voice carries the poignancy of her story.
  4. The photographs in her power point presentation are amazing.  I kept wondering how she found them.
  5. Where the Angels Lived is part memoir, part family history, part Holocaust history, and part mystery.
  6. What better quest is there in life than trying to uncover the lost history of an unknown relative?
  7. Yes, this is about the Holocaust but there is hope in the book.
  8. This would be an amazing book club selection.
  9. McMullan’s writing is exquisite – detailed and luminous.
  10. Everyone should have the opportunity to meet and hear Margaret McMullan.