The Books

  • Where The Angels Lived

    (Calypso Editions, May 2019)

    Heart-wrenching, passionate and insightful, WHERE THE ANGELS LIVED documents the relentless determination of a woman picking up the pieces of her family’s fragmented history throughout the Hungarian Holocaust.
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  • Every Father’s Daughter

    (McPherson, April 2015)

    Twenty-four Women Writers Remember Their Fathers, selected and presented by Margaret McMullan with an Introduction by Phillip Lopate.
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  • Aftermath Lounge

    (Calypso Editions, April 2015)

    On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed 95% of the small coastal town of Pass Christian, Mississippi. With a 28-foot storm surge, the highest recorded in U.S. history, 55-foot waves, and winds reaching 120 mph, the town was wiped off the map—temporarily.
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  • Sources of Light

    (Harper Collins Publishers, April 2010)

    It's 1962, a year after the death of Sam's father--he was a war hero--and Sam and her mother must move, along with their very liberal views, to Jackson, Mississippi, her father's conservative hometown. Needless to say, they don't quite fit in.
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  • Cashay

    (Harper Collins Publishers, April 2009)

    In her fourteen years living in a Chicago housing project, Cashay has never ridden in a taxi cab, seen the city lit up at night, or set foot in a museum. She's not pretty, or graceful, or bubbly like her little sister, Sashay. She gets her family by on a couple of dollars and food stamps every week.
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  • When I Crossed No-Bob

    (Harper Collins Publishers, November 2007)

    Life as an O'Donnell is all twelve-year-old Addy knows, and life as an O'Donnell means trouble. Tucked away in a gray patch of woods called No-Bob, the O'Donnell clan has nothing but a bad reputation. So when Addy's mama abandons her on the afternoon of Mr. Frank Russell's wedding celebration, nobody is very surprised.
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  • How I Found The Strong

    (Hardback: Harper Collins Publishers; Paperback: Laurel Leaf, April 2004)

    It is the spring of 1861 and the serenity of Smith County, Mississippi has been shattered by Abraham Lincoln's declaration of war on the South. Young and old are taking up arms and marching off to war. But not ten year-old Frank Russell. Although he is eager to enlist in the Confederate army, he is not allowed. He is too young, too skinny, too weak. After all he's just "Shanks," the baby of the Russell family.
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  • In My Mother’s House

    (Hardback: St. Martin's Press; Paperback: Picador, November 2003)

    In My Mother's House is a beautiful, haunting, and elegantly crafted novel about a daughter's quest to understand her mother's staunch commitment to silence about their family's experiences in Vienna during World War II and how they were able to escape.
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  • When Warhol Was Still Alive

    (Crossing Press/Crown Publishing Group, 1994)

    When Warhol Was Still Alive (1994) is a funny, poignant novel about the women's magazine industry and life in New York in the eighties. It's about love and friendship, memory and dreams, the struggle to stay close and learning how to say goodbye.
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