When I Crossed No-Bob: Christina Lewis

Everyone knows that the O’Donnell’s are just plain mean, evil and bad. They’ve got their own patch of land, called No-Bob, and no one wants to have anything to do with them. But twelve-year-old Addy doesn’t like having that reputation. So when she’s abandoned by her mama, who goes in search of her pappy who already abandoned them, she’s taken in by Frank Russell and his new bride. Addy is determined to prove that she’s not like the rest of her kin. But when she witnesses a terrible tragedy that’s cause strikes close to home, Addy’s old world comes back to haunt her. Addy finds herself pulled back into her family and all the terrible things that go along with them, and now she must make the biggest decision of her life. Does she have the courage to betray one of her own? A good look into post Civil War south.