When Warhol Was Still Alive

When Warhol Was Still Alive (1994) is a funny, poignant novel about the women’s magazine industry and life in New York in the eighties. It’s about love and friendship, memory and dreams, the struggle to stay close and learning how to say goodbye.



  • Society of Midland Authors 1994 Best Adult Fiction Finalist.

Praise for When Warhol Was Still Alive

Margaret McMullan knows what she's writing about, deftly capturing Manhattan, magazines, and notions of mortality in her fine novel.

– Tom Prince, New York magazine

Senior Editor

Funny, sweet, and true.

–  Elise O'Shaughnessy, Vanity Fair

Executive Editor

Failed relationships, illness, death, a crumbling apartment, a love triangle that geometrically mutates...McMullan accomplishes all this with great wit, nail-on-the-head characterizations, and an easy, omniscient voice.

– Bloomington Voice

The novel often reminds us of the work of Anne Tyler in its treatment of serious matters beneath a surface of comedy.

– Tribune-Star

This... situation has a sweetness...[Catherine] must Forge Her Way Alone in Life to Be a Big Girl, and on the way, reevaluates her loving bond to best friend Joey - the most engaging character here - who develops AIDS. When she loses him, we, too, grieve the loss of this man who wore Minnie Mouse barrettes and whose dresses were too small for Catherine to borrow.

– Booklist

A detailed account of New York's high-pressure world of magazine publishing...honest and clever.

– Midwest Bookseller

It's a wicked satire of the magazine publishing world.

–  Sky, Chicago weekly

When Warhol Was Still Alive is a powerful and entertaining story which will have you empathizing with its well-crafted characters and engrossed to the very last page.

– Queensland Pride, Australia

...a fast-paced, poignant first novel.

– The Indianapolis News

Margaret McMullan has a timely first novel.

– The Chicago Tribune

The situations, though outre, never seemed contrived, and the characters are very real and human.

– Library Journal